Raasay is a beautiful Scottish island off the coast of Skye. I’ve been going up here with my family since about 2010. It’s about a 5-hour drive from Edinburgh, but, you can also take the train, either way even the journey up has stunning scenery for you to admire and help the time pass. The island is fairly small, with a population of just under 200, it’s got one shop, Raasay house which is the hotel, cafe, pub and activity centre through the tourist season, its also got a couple of crafty arty shops selling handmade items all made by the locals! Our favourite thing to do on Rassay is to go on the many beautiful walks, Raasay isn’t short of those! You have the luxury of choosing from the many coastal walks, being on a small island you’re never far from the sea. There’s also plenty nice tracks through forests or up hills including the main hill on the island -Dun Caan.

Most of my photos will be of the beautiful seascapes you can see from the island and of our lovely dogs! They’re great models haha hope you like my photos!

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