Best Eco-Buys: On The Go

This is the first of the ‘Best eco-buys’ series where I will show you all of my favourite eco-friendly products that I’ve bought to replace the wasteful singe use products or the unsustainably made ones you would normally buy from the shops. As the title suggests this particular blog will include everything I use when I’m on the go.

This the the Big Bamboo travel mug to replace single use coffee cups. I chose this one because of the materials its made from. the main body is made from a steel inner and bamboo outer. bamboo is a great product to use as it grows so fast, is sturdy and natural! Steel is also easily recycled. It does have a small amount of plastic in the lid and for the seal. I love this, and it does keep things nice and warm for ages! It is leak proof to an extent but I wouldn’t suggest putting it in your bag. You can buy the new version here.

Headphones aren’t one of the things that you think about when aiming to buy things that are better for the environment, but anything can be made more sustainably. Woodbuds are made from wood, recycled silicone, and recycled cables and can be bought here. Another good brand is The House of Marley (these can be bought in shops in the UK such as HMV). I chose woodbud initially as they are UK based, its always good to buy things from your own country, as it reduced your carbon footprint.

These little jars are great for carrying snacks out and about. I mostly use it for fruit but sometimes for nuts or sweets too. If you buy big packets of fruit or other snacks and portioning it out for yourself in a little jar it can save you a little money as buying in bulk is overall cheaper and packaging as there’s a lower ratio of packaging to food. If you live near a refill shop you can take it a step further and pip in there t fill your jar with a days snacks! I prefer kilner jars, I use them for so many things! I’ve also got a couple from IKEA ad Sainsbury’s. The good thing about kilner is that they never packaged in plastic like with some of the other jars.

Above are the reusable produce bags I chose to replace the plastic ones you get free in the shops. If you buy loose fruit and veg (which you should do if you don’t!) I would strongly suggest buying yourself some produce bags! Most of the ones you can buy are made of plastic too but this is still loads better than single use plastic ones! You can also quite easily get cotton ones but i chose hemp as it grows a lot faster and uses less water and pesticides than cotton. Buy here!

This is a natural bottle. The main section which is usually made from plastic or metal is made from renewable sugar cane, a grass like plant that grows fast and absorbs CO2. The outer part of the lid is made from FSC bamboo, one of the fastest growing plants that can be used as timber. Its also sustainable as once harvested more bamboo shoots will grow from the remaining roots. The bottle 500ml, sturdy, and when youre finally done with it, its recyclable! I love it! For more information and to buy click here!

This is a travel bamboo cutlery set. It rolls up nice and small, its light, its super easy to take anywhere! It comes with everything you need and more; spoon, knife, fork, chopsticks, straw and cleaner! What more could you want? The cutlery is all made from bamboo, the pouch is most likely organic cotton (couldn’t find any hemp ones) but I’m waiting to hear back from the company to confirm. So if you fancy yourself one of these head over to green little things or you can do your own search because there’s quite a lot of versions out there!

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