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Hello and welcome to my site! My name is Jenna and I’m a young woman from Edinburgh. The main theme of my website is an environmental blog. Throughout my life, I have been changing my ways of living, becoming more and more environmentally conscious and friendly reducing my impact on the planet. I’ve created this blog to share what I’ve changed and the ideas I’ve had with as many people as I can. In my blogs, I’ve written about various aspects of life where you can become more environmentally friendly and have plans for much more! This will include a series of being eco-friendly at home and out and about, a series on climate changes and the best mitigating factors, a list of my favourite eco-friendly buys which I’ll update regularly, and occasionally a seasonal special! I also plan to create a list of the best brands to buy as many still use non-sustainable palm oil and other unethical processes, however, this will take a lot of research so it may be a while before I publish this.

Although I’m Scottish through and through, I love travelling, if I thought it possible I would willingly visit every village, town and city in the world! but I’m not convinced I have the time or money for that! So, alas, I’ll have to settle for as many as I can fit in. I’ve started a series of blogs on how we can reduce our impact on the earth while travelling as well as sharing stories and experiences to guide others in travelling. One thing I love to do while travelling is capture everywhere I go in photographs. That’s why part of this website is going to be my photography. I’ll create albums of my favourite shots from everywhere I’ve been. I mostly like to capture wildlife, landscapes and beautiful architecture, but also just little features and moments that catch your eye as you wander through some foreign street.


Jenna Duncan


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